Recent Talks

Trellis: Multi-purpose Leaf-Spine Fabric Designed For NFV

CORD Build (Nov 2017) video pptx

Residential CORD & VOLTHA

CORD Build (Nov 2017) video pptx

Broadband World Forum, Berlin (Oct 2017) pptx

High Availability in Disaggregated Networks

Open Networking Summit (April 2017) pptx

CORD: Transforming Service Provider Access Infrastructure

Data Center Summit: Open Hardware & Software Platforms, OFC (March 2017) pptx

Trellis: CORD Network Infrastructure

CORD Summit (July 2016) video pdf

Trellis update, ONF Bootcamp (May 2017) pptx video

CORD Fabric

Open Networking Summit (March 2016) pptx

Open Networking Summit (June 2015) video

Broadband Forum (May 2016) pptx

Project Atrium

Open Networking Summit (March 2016) pptx

SDN & OpenFlow World Congress (October 2015) video pdf demo

IEEE SDN NFV Tutorial (November 2015) pptx

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (September 2015) pptx

Open Networking Summit (June 2015) video

SPRING-OPEN: SDN Based Control of Open Segment Routers

AT&T (August 2014), at Microsoft (September 2014), at Ciena (October 2014) pptx

ONOS Summit (December 2014) video

Demystifying SDN

Mitre (June 2014), & AT&T (March 2014) pptx

Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow

Short Course at OFC (Feb 2014, March 2013) pdf


Empowering White Box SDN Solutions for ON.Lab’s CORD Applications

Tom Anschutz (DMTS, AT&T); Saurav Das (Principal Architect, ONF); Ashok Raman (Senior PLM, Broadcom), January 2016 video pptx

CORD: Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center

Tom Anschutz (DMTS, AT&T); Larry Peterson (Chief Architect, ON.Lab), Saurav Das (Principal Architect, ONF), Ali Al-Shabibi (Technical Lead, ON.Lab), November 2015 video

ONF Atrium: An Open Source SDN Distribution

Saurav Das, Marc LeClerc, Bithika Khargharia (ONF), August 2015 video